How do I use my own UPS account number within Secureship?

If you have your own UPS account number, you can enter it into Secureship. Secureship will show you your negotiated rates and generate labels on the account number provided.  This also means that you would get billed directly by the carrier.  If the same service level is cheaper through Secureship, we'll automatically switch the shipment over to Secureship and show you how much we're saving you.

To use your own UPS account number within the Secureship system, we will need to:

1. Navigate to the following link:

2. Select UPS from the list of carriers

3. Enter your UPS credentials.


Note: If you have a UPS account in the US and a UPS account in Canada, you can enter them both into the Secureship website.  The system will automatically choose the account number based on the origin and destination of the shipment.


UPS Access Key / Access License Number

If you don't have a UPS access key or can't remember what it is, you can get it from the following link:

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