Does the cost shown include customs clearance or brokerage fees?

For all express shipments, the carriers automatically include routine customs clearance (brokerage fees) as part of the transportation costs. 

Customs clearance fees are not the same as duties and taxes. For more information on duties and taxes, please visit:

For ground shipments, the customs clearance fee will vary by carrier and destination country and are typically the responsibility of the recipient to pay (FedEx ground is the only exception where they bill the shipper for these fees).  For this reason, brokerage fees are not included in the cost of the transportation.

For your convenience, we have linked the brokerage fees for the various carriers:

2015 UPS Brokerages fees for imports into Canada

2015 UPS Brokerages fees for imports into the United States

2015 FedEx Brokerages fees for imports into Canada or United States

Note: It can be more cost effective to ship something express that is small and of high value instead of by ground as routine customs clearance is provided by the carrier for express shipments.

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