I'm being told that the Tax ID number is either missing, invalid or inactive. What do I do?

A Tax ID is normally required for shipments going into the US that require a formal entry (for more information, please visit:

Missing Tax ID:

If you did not provide a Tax ID number, you will need to get one and provide it to the carrier so that they can attempt to clear it for customs again.

Invalid or Inactive Tax ID:

If you have provided a tax id and the carrier is coming back and informing you that the tax id provided is invalid or inactive, the first thing to do is check to ensure that it is indeed correct.

If the number is correct than the tax id provided is most likely inactive. When it is inactive, the receiver must complete a CBP Form 5106 and either fax or email it to the carrier with reference to the tracking number.  This form is used to register the receiver's business (in the US) for import/export and without it, the package will not clear custom.


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