How do I create a return shipment?

Creating a return shipment is the same as creating a normal shipment with the exception of the address information.  

So all you have to do is create a shipment (for more information, please visit:

When you are creating your shipment, under the 'Ship From' section, enter the address where the shipment is being picked up from. If the shipment will be dropped off, you will still need to put the address of the person or company that has the package(s).

Enter the destination address under the 'Ship To' section.  This can be your address or this can be another address altogether (this is also known as 3rd party shipping).

Continue through all the steps until you get to the print page.  When the print dialog appears, click cancel.  

You will need to ensure that the person that has the package(s) can print and attach the labels to their boxes.  There are a few ways you can get the shipping labels over to the shipper:

Note: It is critical that the person that has your shipment print and securely attach the shipping labels to the appropriate boxes.  Without the labels attached, the carrier may refuse to pick up the packages or may charge the shipper.

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