How come there are no shipping options available (or missing options)?

The shipping options displayed through Secureship are based on the information provided by you.  Not all carriers will be able to carry the same items to the same destinations.  For example, CanadaPost can only transport packages 30Kgs (66 lbs) or less.  This means that another carrier like UPS or FedEx would show for heavier weights and the CanadaPost services would not be displayed.

For international shipments, if the city name is misspelled or the postal code is invalid, it may result in less or no shipping options appearing.  Correct any typos or misspellings and try again.  Also worth noting, embargoed countries (such as Cuba or Iraq) will not show up in the list of shipping options.

If you are still experiencing issues, email us and we'll be happy to take a look.

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