My package was delivered damaged (or possibly damaged). What do I do?

If the recipient has received a package that is damaged, or suspected to be damaged (corner looks bashed in), you need to do the following right away:

1. Advise the recipient of the package that they must keep the package, all of its contents, and the packaging material (preferably everything as it was received) in the event that the carrier requires the package for its damage investigation.

2. Provide the receiver's daytime phone number.

This can be their work phone with extension number, cellphone number, or best number for the carrier to contact the recipient of the package.  If the carrier is unable to get a hold of the customer, this will stall the investigation.  The carrier may need to make arrangements to pick up the package from the receiver and will contact them to do so.

3. Advise us right away. Do not under any circumstance, delay as this could give the carrier a reason to deny your claim.

Note: There are several reasons that a damage investigation with a claim can be denied.  The biggest one we see is when your package does not meet the ISTA 3E packaging standard or if the items are not insurable (glass, antiques, art, personal belongings, etc.)  Here are a couple of articles we highly recommend everyone read:


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