How does insurance work and how do I insure my goods?

How Insurance Works:

Insurance is provided by the carrier that you ship with and is subject to their terms and conditions. Each carrier charges a varying amount per $100 of insurance declared.  

When you indicate that you need insurance for your shipment, our system will automatically include the cost of the insurance with the cost of the shipment.

Important Note: Declaring insurance can often provide a false sense of security - if you are not careful.  Some items are not insurable and are considered ship at your own risk: "Glass, ceramics, wine, personal belongs, etc." and insurance can be invalidated if your package does not meet the ISTA 3A packaging standard. 

Here are a couple of articles we would highly recommend you read before shipping anything fragile or for any items that require insurance:


How to Insure your goods:

In order to insure your package(s), when you create a shipment, you will need to enter the amount of insurance you need for each box. There is a field under package details called "Insurance" where you would indicate the amount of insurance you require for that box.  

Note: If you have multiple boxes, you need to indicate the amount of insurance required for each individual box.  If you indicate a total amount of insurance on only one box, only that box will be insured so please take care to fill this section correctly!

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