Why is FedEx ground missing from the list of shipping options?

FedEx ground is not shown in the list of shipping options because it is a bit different than the other services.  One could say, it even marches to the beat of its own drum.

Here's what makes it unique:

  • There is a pickup charge ($7.50 plus applicable taxes)
  • The pickup must be scheduled 1 day in advance (ie. next day pickup)
  • You must provide at least an 8 hour window for the carrier to be able to pickup your package (ie. 9am to 5pm)
  • Any brokerage or duty charges are automatically billed to your account for international shipments. 

If you wish to have FedEx ground enabled on your account and you understand how this service works, please email as at with your account number and the email address associated to the account.

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