What do I do with the printed shipping labels?

Once you have created your shipment through the Secureship website, the system will ask you to print a set of documents.  You will need to print everything that is provided.

Once printed:

- Fold the printed page along the horizontal line.

- Place label in a document pouch and securely affix it to your package. (As a best practice, you should include a spare shipping label inside your packages. Make sure to write void on the spare label!)


Ensure the barcode portion of the label can be read and scanned.

If a commercial invoice is printed, include it with the shipping label for package one (1).

If you have multiple packages, you will need to match the shipping label with the appropriate box. (i.e. if you have two (2) boxes, one weighs 1 lb and one weighs 9 lbs, you have to put the 1 lb shipping label on the 1 lb box and the 9 lbs shipping label on the 9 lbs box.)

Include any export documents with the shipping label for package number one (1).  These documents must be accessible by the carrier.



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