The driver didn't show up yesterday to pick up my package(s).

The first thing you will want to do is to ensure that you have in fact scheduled a pickup. Creating a shipment doesn't automatically schedule a pickup.  

To check if a pickup has been scheduled, login to Secureship and then click on the hamburger button. Click on Pickups > Cancel/History (or  From there, you can confirm that you have a pickup for the right date and time.  


If you do not have a pickup listed there, it means that you did not schedule a pickup.  Simply click on Pickups > Schedule (, select the shipments you want picked up and then click the red button at the bottom that says 'Schedule Pickup'. Confirm the information and once you see a green truck, this will confirm that a pickup was requested.

If a pickup was scheduled but the driver did not show, it could mean a number of things happened - you weren't available when the driver showed up, the package was not available at the indicated location, the driver was delayed in traffic and showed up after your close time, etc.

With the Secureship system, it is very easy to reschedule a pickup however, you probably do not want another pickup to be missed.  The best thing to do is to call the carrier and find out why the pickup was unsuccessful before rescheduling a new pickup. They may be able to provide you with some crucial information that will make the new pickup success.

Carrier Contact Numbers:

For a list of the carrier's contact numbers, please visit the following link:

Reschedule Pickup:

To reschedule a pickup follow these steps:

If you find it easier, you can also drop off your package directly with the carrier. To find drop off locations near you, please visit this link:

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