I need to ensure that my package gets picked up before a certain time. How can I let the carriers know?

You can let the carriers know the specific pickup time for your package. The mornings are typically reserved for deliveries, so the earliest pickup times are between 12:30 PM and 6:30 PM.

1. On the Home page, click Schedule a Pickup (or use the link:

2. In your pickup options, you can tell the carrier between what time and what time you would like the package to be picked up. The ready time is the time at which the package will be ready and the close time is the latest time at which the carrier can come by to pick up the package.


For the majority of carriers, deliveries are reserved for the morning and pickups for the afternoon.

Pickups before 2pm are not guaranteed.

Pickups at residential addresses or home offices are not guaranteed before a certain time.

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